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Want to succeed in transportation market? Looking for a reliable and efficient assistant?

New «Altair» is a modern, economic coach bus of 19 seats, based on the «Crafter» van automobile that belongs to «Volkswagen» group.

While manufacturing a new bus, efficiency and reliability were the main priorities to pay attention to. They are both implemented in our new «Altair».

Among the significant advantages of «Altair» are:

  • 1high reliability;
  • 2low fuel consumption;
  • 3low operating costs;
  • 4increased range of regulated maintenance service (every 20 000 km);
  • 5qualitative maintenance service and available prices of spare parts;
  • 6high level of passenger cars components and assemblies unification, which simplifies their maintenance service.

«Altair» design features maximally approach the maintenance expenses to the class of passenger cars. This advantage allows our customers to save money and increase profits.

Thanks to the components and bus construction of a high quality, our customers can count on a long and reliable lifetime. Service maintenance questions are easily and quickly solved due to a ramified network of service stations, which operate in each region. The warranty period for the basic van is 2 years.

«Altair» successfully combines the functionality of the bus; the convenience and comfort of a car. The luggage compartment is situated at the rear part of the bus, and the comfort of the passengers is achieved with the help of the soft seats with adjustable backrest. The needed distance between the seats is observed which allows even tall passengers feel comfortable on their places. Buses of this model have high-tech equipment that will make a trip convenient and comfortable for both passengers and the driver. Passengers will also appreciate the large thermal insulation glass units, individual air conditioning and independent heating, modern video and audio equipment systems.

Specially designed crushproof metal body will take care of the passengers’ safety, mounting of the seats and plenty of integrated security systems will reduce the possibility of accidents to a minimum. The advantages that clearly distinguish «Altair» buses are: the refined design, high level of comfort and safety, low operating costs, reliability and practicality.