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In 2000 company “Avtotechnologhiya” started its activity as a small family business of passenger seats repairing, but already in two years the enterprise has started its own passenger seats manufacturing along with providing vans conversion services. In 2006 our company set itself an ambitious goal – to organize its own bus manufacturing, the complex of production facilities has been purchased for its implementation.

Thanks to a purposeful work of our personnel together with the gained experience, in 2008 company "Avtotechnologhiya" was licensed to manufacture buses.

Three models of buses designed on the base of «Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 416» and «Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 515" have been developed and put into production within 2008 - 2010. These buses have proven to be economical and reliable vehicle.

In 2011 the company "Avtotechnologhiya" started to manufacture «Altair» and «Sirius» buses on the base of «Volkswagen Crafter» vans. Their main advantage is – optimal ratio between the expenses and potential income.

Currently, our company offers to carry out the bus salon repairing and body major overhaul; passenger seats and bus manufacturing; installation of air conditioning for buses/minibuses, and refrigeration systems for isothermal vans; supplying of various spare parts used in bus building industry.

Using the latest technology our professional team creates a truly high quality product considering the needs of the passenger buses’ market.

After all, the company's motto is: «Our buses - Your advantage over competitors».