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Looking for a reliable assistant for passenger transportation?

Meet your professional partner – bus «Saturn» based on «Mercedes — Benz Sprinter 515» van. New «Saturn» will surprise you with its management ease, safety, comfort and smart economic decisions.

Profitability is the basis of commercial success and one of the advantages which is based on success of the bus «Saturn». That's why our engineers have paid a special attention to the qualities of efficiency and reliability that characterize a profitable business. The owners of our new bus «Saturn» will appreciate such economic benefits as low fuel consumption, low maintenance costs, the opportunity to purchase high quality original spare parts through an extensive «Mercedes-Benz» service station networks in each region, as well as structural features of the bus that bring the service expenses close to the class of the cars. These and many other advantages allow our customers to save money and increase profits.

Due to the efforts of our designers, the new «Saturn» meets high safety standards for both driver and the passengers, as well as for the other traffic participants. Passive and active safety systems are its best confirmation, seats mounting and excellent directed deformation options are constructed in such a way to absorb energy in a collision. A comfortable and ergonomic driver’s working place that minimizes stress and fatigue plays not the least role in the questions of comfort.

New «Saturn» does not compromise in matters of comfort. Make yourself comfortable: comfortable seats with adjustable backrest, system of individual air conditioning and heating, excellent interior insulation and modern audio/video system will make your travel easy and pleasant. Unique design and expressive lines of its body are the main characteristics of «Mercedes-Benz». «Saturn» – is not only a guarantee of quality, but also a car that obliges to the new achievements.