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New «Sirius» — a modern high quality tourist bus with 22 passenger seats,
based on «Volkswagen» concern «Crafter» chassis. Synthesis of reliability and technical perfection with exquisite design, high comfort and ergonomic passenger compartment helped to create a truly competitive car. Priorities were given to the questions of profitability and reliability while bus designing.

Among the significant economic benefits of bus «Sirius» are:

  • 1High reliability;
  • 2Low fuel consumption;
  • 3Low operating costs;
  • 4Increased regulated maintenance interval (every 20,000 km);
  • 5Qualified spare parts maintenance and their reasonable price;
  • 6High level of components and assemblies unification for passenger cars, which simplifies their maintenance service;
  • 7Presence of retarder (extra wearproof brakes).

Passengers' safety is a top priority for the engineers and designers of «Sirius» bus. The bus salon is equipped with soft comfortable passenger seats that have reclinable backrests and side moving mechanism.

The wide central aisle in the salon provides movement without interference, the distance between the rows is sustained enough that even tall passengers feel comfortable in their places. Well considered luggage compartment allows to place your luggage in the most convenient way for providing a comfortable journey. To make the memories of your journey pleasant the salon of a bus is fitted with modern video/audio equipment; indirect heating systems and air conditioning create a pleasant microclimate in the bus. For maximum comfort sensation, an impeccable sound insulation of a salon is created. High panoramic windows will provide an excellent visibility and maintaining of the microclimate in the passenger compartment. All the above mentioned features combined with the smoothness of motion and superb dynamic characteristics raises the comfort level of «Sirius» bus to the highest standards.

Our clients can count on a long and reliable service life so as the bus is made of a high quality parts and constructions. New «Sirius» is equipped with «Frenelsa» retarder, which significantly reduces the frequency and cost of brake system maintenance. Due to the work of retarder, brake system remains cold and completely available for emergency braking which in tern increases the lifetime of the brakes more than 6 times. The warranty period of chassis base is 2 years. The service questions are easily and quickly solved thanks to an extensive network of service stations that operate in every region.

Stylish design, high safety and comfort level, low operating costs, reliability and usability are now star-like named - «Sirius».